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Puget Sound Partnership 2018 Action Agenda Update: The 2018 Action Agenda Development is underway. The deadline to submit the Final NTA Fact Sheet is March 30, 2018. For more information on the NTA process and key dates, see the PSP website.

Visit the AHSS Project Endorsement page for information on the AHSS Grant & Project Endorsement process and criteria.


Technical Assistance and Review Available for South Sound NTA Proposals:

The South Sound Technical Team and LIO Coordination Staff are available to help project sponsors in the South Sound with NTA applications for the Puget Sound Partnership Action Agenda! Assistance includes:

  • Help matching your NTA idea with PSP Regional Priorities and Vital Signs
  • Help mapping your ideas to the South Sound Strategy
  • Connecting project sponsors with similar ideas to one another
  • Reviewing and providing comments on NTA proposals to help you improve the competitiveness of your submittal

If you would like to take advantage of this review, please send your completed NTA proposal to the LIO coordination staff by Monday, March 5.  If the March 5 date is not possible for you but you would still like Technical Team review please contact the LIO coordination staff before March 5 to see if other arrangements can be made.  Thank you!


AHSS Local Context for Regional Priorities: To view the AHSS local context for Puget Sound Partnership Regional Priorities, and corresponding links to the South Sound Strategy, use this chart: AHSS local context for Regional Priorities.


The South Sound Strategy was developed by the Alliance for a Healthy South Sound to identify key South Sound attributes, pressures affecting those attributes, and strategies for protecting and improving the species and habitats that make South Sound unique. The South Sound Strategy provides a framework for decision-makers as they consider what actions to emphasize, and where, as part of the broader effort, to restore and protect Puget Sound. Click here to access the landing page for the Strategy and learn more.


Shellfish are a critical piece of local culture, tradition, economy, and recreation in South Sound. Check out the AHSS Shellfish page for more information regarding recreational shellfish harvest, the Washington Shellfish Initiative, Local Shellfish Celebrations, and more!


Upcoming AHSS Meeting Information

AHSS Executive Committee:

  • Friday, January 5th, 2018, 2-4pm, Tacoma Mall Plaza – Conference Room 210

AHSS Council:

  • TBD

Note: Council meetings are held at the LOTT Cleanwater Alliance WET Science Center, 500 Adams Street NE unless otherwise noted. Contact a member of the LIO Coordination Team (see Contacts page) with questions

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