Work Plans

Alliance for a Healthy South Sound FY 2015-2016 Scope of Work

Task 1: Maintain, Organize, Facilitate and Administer a Local Integrating Organization

The local integrating organization is responsible for organizing and supporting a committee of representative Action Agenda implementation interests. The LIO shall maintain sufficient administration, facilitation, and coordination capacity to support the on-going goals and objects of a LIO.

Task 2: Coordinate Local Implementation of the Action Agenda

Local integrating organizations serve an important role in coordinating local implementation of priorities identified in the Action Agenda and are an important element  in the National Estuary Program (NEP) funding model. Work under this task will be based upon local near-term actions in the 2014 Action Agenda, the LIOs 2-year Implementation Plan for the 2016 Action Agenda, and approaches identified in the LIOs 5-year Ecosystem Recovery Plan. These items will be negotiated with PSP.

Task 3: Performance Management

The LIO shall report on progress toward sub-tasks and deliverables through a quarterly progress report to PSP approximately two weeks after the end of each quarter. These reports will be used for the Financial Ecosystem Assessment Tracking system, NEPORT, and other reporting needs. Quarterly near-term action status reports and annual financial reports in this task are closely linked with Task 2 regarding identifying and addressing barriers to Action Agenda implementation.

Task 4: Support revisions, updates, and adaptive management of a 5-year Ecosystem Recovery Plan and a 2-year Implementation Plan

The LIO shall communicate and manage revisions to a 5-year Ecosystem Recovery Plan and a 2-year Implementation Plan in collaboration with the local partners. Specific needs within or in addition to these sub-tasks should be tailored to the LIO in consideration of available resources.

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