Background and Structure

The mission of the Alliance For A Healthy South Sound (the Alliance) is to support the coordinated and collaborative decision-making aimed at restoring and protecting the ecological and socio-economic health of South Puget Sound.

The Alliance For A Healthy South Sound was created for the purpose of focusing on sustainability – including environmental, economic and community health, implementing a South Puget Sound workplan. The South Puget Sound workplan will identify organizational goals and measurable targets. The South Puget Sound Action Agenda profile produced by the Puget Sound Partnership is one tool that strives towards these objectives and, in addition, other tools may be developed and implemented by the organization.

The Alliance for a Healthy South Sound was created by South Puget Sound tribal and county elected officials in 2010. The Alliance was recognized by the Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council as the South Puget Sound organization responsible for Action Agenda implementation. More information on the Partnership’s Action Agenda as well as the geographic Action Areas is available through the Partnership’s web site at:

The Alliance for a Healthy South Sound is divided into three parts. The first is the Executive Committee made up of elected officials from Thurston, Mason, Pierce and Kitsap counties, as well as tribal representatives from the Nisqually, Squaxin and Puyallup tribes. The Executive Committee is the decision making body.

The second part is the Council. The Council consists of roughly thirty-five seats, representing a wide breadth of stakeholders including various levels of government, non-profits, businesses and others. These seats were appointed and are maintained by the Executive Committee based in part upon suggestions made by the ad hoc working group. The Council will be responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Committee.

The third part of the Alliance are ad hoc Council working groups or subcommittees made up, primarily, of technical, scientific and planning staff from a variety of stakeholders and backgrounds. These working groups share findings with the Council and are seen as representative of focused on-the-ground experts.

All meetings of the Alliance Executive Committee and Alliance Council are open to public attendance.

You can download a PDF version of the Alliance By-Laws here.


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