Project List (Near Term Actions)

AHSS submitted a set of near term actions (NTAs) to the Puget Sound Partnership for the 2016 update to the Action Agenda for Puget Sound. The Alliance supports the completion of these NTAs as a vital component of restoring the health of South Puget Sound. Some of these NTAs are funded and well on the way to being finished, while others are waiting for a project sponsor and funding. NTA owners submit quarterly NTA status updates to the Puget Sound Partnership.

The NTAs are listed below according to the Strategic Initiative under which they are classified. The table also shows the total number of projects submitted (by all LIOs, Lead Entities, and others) for each Strategic Initiative, and the ranking of the AHSS NTAs from among all of these projects. To see the list of 2014 NTAs, click here.

No. Strategic Initiative Owner NTA Name NTA Description Cost Estimate Ranking
Habitat: 205 projects submitted
1 Habitat Capitol Land Trust Henderson Inlet Habitat Protection & Restoration This project will acquire in fee title 105-acres of biologically-sensitive estuary, nearshore and riparian habitat along the shoreline of Henderson Inlet in Thurston County, Washington, and restore the marine shoreline of the Harmony Farms property. $1,237,000 11
2 Habitat Mason Conservation District Expand Conservation District Shore Friendly Programs Across Puget Sound The Shore Friendly effort proactively connects shoreline owners with science-based, non-regulatory, professional technical assistance to reverse the trends of shoreline armoring and degradation, and encourages change towards stewardship and conservation. $576,005 37
3 Habitat Mason Conservation District Restore Naturally Functioning Riparian Buffers in South Sound Expand on efforts to restore and protect naturally functioning riparian and floodplain areas that support aquatic habitat by conducting planting, site maintenance, and knotweed inventory and control. $253,494 44
4 Habitat Squaxin Island Tribe Deschutes River Estuary Restoration The proposed project would restore tidal processes to 275 acres of large river delta at the mouth of the Deschutes River. This phase will complete one of the final two studies needed before restoration can begin by creating an equitable funding strategy. $100,000 58
5 Habitat South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group Titlow Estuary Restoration The Titlow NTA is a multi-faceted planning and implementation effort to remove shoreline armor and fill, restore fish passage and tidal hydrology, reclaim estuarine and emergent wetlands, and remediate effects of stormwater in Titlow Park. $866,000 66
6 Habitat Thurston County Develop a Riparian Restoration Program in Thurston County Thurston County proposes to develop a riparian restoration program to improve water quality and mitigate impacts from stormwater and nonpoint pollution, restore habitat, increase resiliency to floods and droughts, and support recreational use of streams. $305,000 66
7 Habitat Pierce County Public Works and Surface Water Management Huge Creek Culvert Replacement This proposal will fund the replacement of an undersized obstructive culvert on Huge Creek, a tributary to Minter Creek located on 160th St (SW Countyline Road). $662,735 77
8 Habitat Forterra Chambers Creek Dam Acquisition and Design A feasibility study for dam removal was funded by SRFB in Dec. 2015.  This proposal is to acquire the dam & complete a site restoration plan (final design) based off of the data derived from the master plan under multiple dam removal scenarios. $389,000 171
9 Habitat Nisqually Community Forest Nisqually Community Forest Acquisition Permanently protect habitat for threatened Nisqually steelhead and Chinook and to protect the recovery trajectory of Mashel sub-basin through acquisition of sensitive properties under threat of forestry practices that could result in excessive erosion. $8,750,000 194
Shellfish: 40 projects submitted
10 Shellfish Pierce County Surface Water Management South Sound Shellfish Recovery Implement closure response plans associated with Shellfish Protection Districts at Burley Lagoon, Nisqually Reach, Henderson Inlet, and Filucy, Rocky, Vaughn and Oakland Bays. $5,694,900 5
11 Shellfish Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Department Thurston County Urban Septic to Sewer Conversion Protect shellfish growing areas through an urban septic to sewer conversion program. Conduct public outreach, develop codes, policies, and city-specific implementation plans to adopt the conversion program. $180,000 34
12 Shellfish Thurston Conservation District Bringing Together Farms and Fish for Water Quality and Habitat Protection Restore riparian function while preserving farmland by adjacent to salmon-bearing streams. $300,000 38
Stormwater: 119 projects submitted
13 Stormwater City of Olympia Water Quality Focused Street Sweeping Program Expand an existing limited street sweeping program to city-wide with deliberate focus on water quality to reduce pollutants released to surface waters. GIS-based analysis will direct development and implementation of sweeper operating procedures & routes. $356,805 34
14 Stormwater Mason Conservation District K-12 Field Investigation Program K-12 Stormwater Field Investigation Program coordinates local partners to provide reliable field sites for place-based curricula with Mason County schools. $187,569 54
15 Stormwater Washington State University Stormwater Stewards A capacity-building program in which capable, committed, and well trained citizen volunteers provide peer-to-peer technical assistance to other residents seeking opportunities to manage and treat polluted runoff on their home or small-commercial sites. $299,628 81
16 Stormwater Pierce County Public Works and Surface Water Management Clover Creek Water Quality Improvements Clover Creek near Brookdale road received the lowest marks for water quality in the Pierce County Surface Water Report Card. This proposal will retrofit two Clover Creek storm water outfalls with filter devices. $600,000 106
  Total $21,669,136  
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