Project Endorsement

Alliance for a Healthy South Sound: Project & Grant Endorsement Process


The AHSS encourages and welcomes the opportunity to endorse and advocate for projects that are consistent with the South Sound Strategy.  We are particularly interested in projects that accomplish habitat protection and restoration, protection and restoration of shellfish beds, and stormwater reduction and control.


All actions proposed for AHSS endorsement should demonstrate a sound scientific and technical basis.  Nearshore projects that are located outside the catchments identified as a priority for protection and restoration in the South Sound Strategy should document that they are (1) in priority nearshore salmon habitat and/or (2) describe how the project considers the condition of its catchment and the surrounding catchments and why it is anticipated to be successful over time.  In general, the Alliance believes that, especially for smaller projects, the focus should be in catchments identified as a priority for protection and restoration and/or priority nearshore salmon habitat.


AHSS uses 3-factor review process to determine which projects to endorse. The factors include:

(1) Benefits considering the project scale and intensity;

(2) Likelihood of success considering both the project feasibility and readiness, and stakeholder and partner support;

(3) Consistency with the South Sound Strategy.


Each factor counts for a third of the total project score. Factors are scored individually, and then individual factor scores are aggregated to place a project into one of four “bins.” Bin one (highest scoring projects) are automatically endorsed. For bins two and three (moderately scoring projects) endorsement decisions will be made by the AHSS Executive Committee considering recommendations from the Technical Team and input from the AHSS Council on a case by case basis. Projects in bin four (lowest scoring projects) will not be endorsed.


AHSS is currently updating the details of the scoring and binning process and will post the updated information here before the end of November.  If you would like a project to be reviewed and need help or updated information now, please contact Elizabeth McManus at


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