South Sound Recovery Planning

AHSS is currently working on a local recovery planning exercise and submitted a first draft recovery plan to Puget Sound Partnership on September 30th. Please comment on the draft plan before October 31, 2016. If you’d like a presentation or discussion on the draft plan for your group please contact us. The draft plan is available here.

As part of its requirements to Puget Sound Partnership, AHSS also developed a planning deliverable and submitted it to PSP on September 30th. This planning deliverable is available here.


“Early Elements” workplan. AHSS submitted this document to PSP in early October 2015. The primary element of the document is a narrative describing the selected Vital Signs and recovery targets, with the rationale for focus area selection and descriptions of priority ecosystem pressures, including the process and information used to make these decisions. The narrative describes the AHSS results chains and where AHSS’s strategic approaches and the results chains align (and where they do not). Finally, the narrative describes AHSS’s focus for the 2016-2017 Action Agenda, including new or continuing NTAs.

Appendix 1: LIO NTAs Mapped to Puget Sound Recovery Prototype Results Chains

Figure 1: Conceptual model showing LIO priority pressures (sources and stressors), Vital Signs, and priority relationships

Comments from the Strategic Initiative Transition Teams on the Early Elements workplan

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